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Essentially BIM is a process that with the correct understanding and implementation will make everyone’s “life” easier, clearer and more viable for everyone involved in projects.

Building Information Modeling is a digital representation of the building, the design process and its associated design data. It enables designers to process data related not only to height, width, depth, but also to Cost, Time and Maintenance.

Almost all leading CAD product companies promise some sort of BIM software for planning, designing, constructing, operating or maintaining buildings. We offer consultation services for the more proven and popular BIM products such as Autodesk’s Revit, Navisworks, ReCAP, Tekla, Analysis solutions and some of the Bentley and Oracle Solutions.

Our BIM training gets you up to speed with premier BIM based CAD and management programs and workflows through Industry standard courses or bespoke project, Company or individual based development training.

The construction industry has definitely undergone a sweeping change in technology in the last several years and as such our experienced consultation services include Implementation, Training and Outsourcing of BIM documentation, Coordination, Delivery and Management assistance of these BIM and Digital related delivery processes.

Being able to visualise your New Digital World with a trustworthy consultant at your side, who is able to reliably assist you in creating a clear road map and expedite your journey in understanding and reaching your digital future, aspirations and Visions is the single most critical next step. As without having an achievable clear vision to aim for and being empowered to ask the right questions along the way, most people and firms have spend years chasing their own tail and investing randomly in vendor commission driven promises and misguided technologies and implementation.

As Architects, engineers, and clients use building information modelling (BIM) software to collaborate on a building design before construction even starts there is are fixed processes, Role definitions, deliverable requirements and common understandings that have to have occurred long before these design teams even come together and get appointed. Without understanding the playing field, terminology and pitfalls and how they relate to your Industries outcome requirements you have no means to play competitively in the current and future arena.

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Owner/Clients and Developers

We are here for the Owner/Clients and Developers across all levels to assist in the creation of EIR (Employers Information Requirements) your Digital Brief to your pending teams and design consultants going forward so as to protect your aspirations and outcome requirements.


Consulting BIM Roles

Within various standards such as the International ISO 19650 Parts 1 & 2, there are key roles to ensure that teams deliver to and maintain certain critical standards, documentation, deliverables to required timeframes. It is often argued that whichever design firm gets most of these roles, can best protect their requirements during the project by changing and adjusting the goal posts to suite their deliverable short comings, as such, many projects now consult some of these overview roles out to more impartial BIM professionals who have the projects outcomes as priority and often work as intermediate arbitrators regarding the Projects Design deliverables.

See: ISO 19650 Master Class


Our Team possess 20 years’ experience in delivering certainty to construction projects. Our philosophy has always been focused on pushing the boundaries and discovering new ways that our clients can benefit from our expertise and technology. Chat with us today about your BIM requirements.  Learn more...


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